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  1. Experiment: Glitch Temple

    Our next assignment for the Virtual Environments class was just as open ended as the first. This time I decided to work around some issues I’ve had with Unity’s image effects.

    I’ll write up how I do it later, but for now you can play it here.

  2. Experiment: Cave Machine

    I’m taking a class on Virtual Environments. Our first assignment was to make… anything, really. I’ve been wanting to play around with marching cubes for a while, so I took it as a chance to experiment.

    You can play it here (uses Unity Web Player).

  3. Now In 3D!

    I’ve rebuilt my prototype for Don’t Go In There in 3D! Really, the only big difference between the top-down prototype and this one is that the whole scene is MUCH more readable.

  4. I Started a Tumblr

    I decided to start a tumblr that looks at plants in videogames. It’s a bit of an oddly specific concept, but I didn’t see anybody else on the internet looking at it.

    I’m interested in the act of translation that exists when you try to construct a plant using the language of modern computer graphics.

    I wrote more about why I decided to make the blog in a post here.

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    Header Photo: Darwinia by Introversion

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