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  1. VGF Gets Some Press!

    A while back I gave an interview with Gaint Bomb’s Patrick Klepek on Video Game Foliage. Today the article it led to finally went up!

    Check it out!

    And then Destructoid covered the Giant Bomb coverage!

    That one is here!

    I’m excited that the blog is getting this kind of attention, and almost all of it seems positive. When I started the blog I didn’t know if people would like it. Seeing that people do resonate with it is really cool!

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    Header Photo: Flower by That Game Company

  2. Experiment: Cave Machine

    I’m taking a class on Virtual Environments. Our first assignment was to make… anything, really. I’ve been wanting to play around with marching cubes for a while, so I took it as a chance to experiment.

    You can play it here (uses Unity Web Player).

  3. Now In 3D!

    I’ve rebuilt my prototype for Don’t Go In There in 3D! Really, the only big difference between the top-down prototype and this one is that the whole scene is MUCH more readable.

  4. Continuous Or Scenes?

    Working on Don’t Go In There has been an exercise in getting systems to work before realizing what the question you needed to ask was.

    That means an unfourtionate amount of re-engineering things.

    One of the big assumptions I made in working on Don’t Go In There was that the simulation was going to be continuous. That is to say, if you removed the idea of following a single character it would be able to run nonstop like The Sims. Just teens and ghosts running around the house, uncovering questions and performing dark rituals. The scene system atop that was just going to pause the simulation after following a character through a notable action.

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