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  1. I Started a Tumblr

    I decided to start a tumblr that looks at plants in videogames. It’s a bit of an oddly specific concept, but I didn’t see anybody else on the internet looking at it.

    I’m interested in the act of translation that exists when you try to construct a plant using the language of modern computer graphics.

    I wrote more about why I decided to make the blog in a post here.

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    Header Photo: Darwinia by Introversion

  2. About My MFA Project

    To graduate with a Masters of Fine Arts in Arts and Technology, you need to do some kind of thesis project. In a lot of cases there’s not even a thesis committee for it, just some kind of non-trivial project that demonstrates your mastery in the domain you specialize in.

    I’ve been researching models for procedural and emergent narrative, so I’m making a game that implements my models.

    The quick pitch for it is:

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    Header Photo: http://kentuckyfriedpopcorn.blogspot.com/2011/07/hausu.html

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